What is a return...

..or what is there to return to?

The bug is back in me slightly, so I will write some.

This past year, was more difficult than the one previous. Which is hard to believe, considering I was broke, unemployed, and selling/repairing bikes to make it. This year I luckily regained employment in February, then my future brother in law and now my real brother in law was diagnosed with Hodkins Lymphoma. He's doing great, full recovery pretty much an afterthought now. A sister in law just had her first child too. So started nice, rough middle, and is ending beautifully.

Most importantly, the girl I love (and have been with for nine and a half years) and I got married. Just great, great, great.

So I have been away, but busy. I think I will start to write again. Don't really know if I care or if anyone cares.


This just in....

...MJ gets a job!