Current Life

Step one: Get ready for work, think about work I haven't done yet. Worry a lot about it.
Step two: Go to work, continue thinking about work I haven't done. Worry slowly turns to a plan.
Step three: Arrive at work, immediately unpack and hook up laptop. Curse boss for lousy laptop (sometime email boss about lousy laptop). Check email and schedule, decide screw that and walk the plant.
Step four: Wave, salute, and speak with any and all employees, try to see what's wrong and give updates to the people. It's like running for office except I don't lie, well mostly.
Step five: Go to meetings...
Step six: Immediately become hungry, the only satisfaction is random donut/cookie/candy preferably stolen from another employee's office.
Step seven: Steal above.
Step eight: Get caught stealing food but change subject to something he/she owes you.
Step nine: Do real work.
Step ten: Begin worrying about all the crap I am thinking about that is needed to do at newly purchased home.
Step eleven: Worry a lot about when the home will be ready to move in. Cease constructive work.
Step twelve: Worry slowly becomes a plan.
Step thirteen: Get ready to leave.
Step fourteen: Worry plan on house isn't good enough while driving home. Worry becomes new plan.
Step sixteen: Work on house, thinking of work.
Step seventeen: Work on house, thinking of work.
Step eighteen: Work on house, worrying of work.
Step nineteen: Work on house, worrying of work.
Step twenty: Arrive at apartment late, exhausted, wanting nothing more than bed.
Step twenty-one: Wash, rinse, repeat.


Dividend Pirate said...

You seem to have pretty long days. :) Nice blog!!!

Grant said...

You sure do worry a lot!