On Vacation...

...and am loving it.

I typing on a sticky keyboard on a slow computer is Bais City in the Philippines. Sorry ahead of time if this doesn't make sense.

I really like it here and took a bath with a wash bucket tonight, really cool! I have written, literally written on paper, five blog posts about stuff ranging from the American obsession with new to a comprehensive engineering study of urinals. I can't really write it anywhere here but prepare to be amazed when I get back. I didn't realize how much that I enjoy writing until I got some free time away from work. It has gotten me thinking about starting a side business, and how I can't wait to get back to a finished bathroom at my place.

Take care USA, I will be home in a week. Try not to elect McCain while I am away.

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Grant said...

A comprehensive engineering study of urinals.

That oughta be good.