This Just In...MJ Revealed!

Yup that's me. Notice the mask and safety glasses, it's the only way I can enjoy the fall. I am basically allergic to everything in the fall, but nothing is more fun than a big pile of leaves (MFTABPOL for short). That's my great little midwest ranch in the back, no we haven't painted it yet. I especially like the Oliver Stone camera angle my GF went for. Funny thing is this is exactly how I eat the burnt-end special at Oklahoma Joe's.


Grant said...

Dude, so where did you learn how to jump?

Or did you photoshop out the mini trampoline in the picture?

MJ @ Dyslexic Research said...

No photoshop I promise. It's called committing to the moment. However, since then my knees and back make more noise in the morning than throwing a handful of gravel down the street.