When Green has jumped the shark...

Maybe you have read this and never understood what the term commonly referred to as "jumping the shark" is. This term is commonly referred to something once it has become so popular that it starts to veer off course into something totally absurd. Sometimes it refers to when a fad becomes absurd and ends, and othertimes refer to when something 'sells out'. It literally refers to a Happy Days episode where the Fonz actually jumps a shark on water skis to keep TV viewers interested in the show.

Regardless I have officially read the article over at the Green Wombat that "jumps the shark" on the green movement:

The whole green thing is great and if you are going to be an engineer in the US, become a Electrical or Computer Engineer. Your future will be bright. But really people, why are we investing in this? As of right now when have you known anything can transfer radio waves into usable energy? I know of plenty of things that use energy to convert to radio waves (microwaves come to mind), but this is ridiculous.

Also I saw Twitter on my local news today, it's official some other Internet fad will take over. Or will that only be after some Twitter based crime occurs?


Atlas@mymoneyshrugged said...

I agree this is getting out of hand? Its only going to get worse, as everyone is scared to not go green in the scientific world because they are scared they are not going to get grants and such from the government or private investors.

Mike said...

Oh no! Not the Fonz?

Yeah.. I didn't know what "jump the shark" meant either.

I absolutely agree with you, these movements always get totally out-of-hand.

For example.. the PETA movement, the "natural" or "herbal" movement, etc. If it's "natural" it must be better, right?