What is the best grown-up fun?

It was a friend of mine's 31st birthday on Saturday and his phone kept ringing off the hook. The rest of us started discussing while he was on the phone, what would be the greatest thing that you could be telling someone your doing on your birthday that would actually make them jealous. Some that we came up with:
  1. Blow up bouncy gym with a fully iced keg in the middle?

  2. Rented Monster Truck at the local salvage yard? Wait for it, with dual USA flags in the truck bed.

  3. Baby Alligator filled kiddie pool with $10K in $100 bills?

  4. An old school bus, 500 pumpkins, an open field, and a trebuchet?

  5. Go-Carts on a hockey rink?

  6. Free trips in the General Lee provided by one of the Duke boys? No you don't get to drive, but you do get to shoot the explosive arrows.

  7. Build anything with the members of the A-Team? Cigars included.

  8. Chase down jets in Air Wolf?

Not sure how the last three came up. What would you love to say your doing to someone on the phone for your birthday?

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Grant said...

Dude, the A-Team... for sure. My birthday's in January.

Don't forget to let Murdoch know.