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This blog for me is meant as a mash up of investment ideas, work skills, political views, money management, stories, and good advice. I hope that it will create some great discussions and maybe change a few person's views. I will try to be funny, well-written, and insightful, but don't be surprised if this breaks down at times to mispelled, unfunny, knock-knock jokes. I want to talk about stocks, the next good ETF, toolboxes (both literal and figurative), sage advice, lean manufacturing and lean principles, efficiencies, cars, pushing yourself, and taking people as they are. I will never talk about where I work or any of the inner happenings there. However, it is my hope to interview some of the people I have met through work and post them here. The rule will be if I know them, you won't. If I don't know them, you will.

Here are couple of regular segments that I hope to have:
  • Dad's advice: Great work advice, management advice, and mentoring advice from the man I think knows the most.
  • Interviews: I hope to interview people that I respect in their fields or over specific topics that I know that they are good at.
  • What's in your toolbox: This will be both figurative and literal in meaning. I think it will be neat to see what people really have in their toolbox for their given trade
  • Dyslexic view: my lessons with living with dyslexia

Beyond that I hope everyone enjoys this blog...

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Grant said...

I dig it! I'll link to your blog...