Stop Buying Things #1: Computer Programs

So maybe your new to this blog, and are wondering if I am more than green speak, and maybe your still got the after Christmas blues. Well I have a gift or rather gifts for all of you to use. Or rather download that is.

This may be old news for some people but there are others that still don’t know. Nearly everything you need program wise on a computer now a days is probably available in open-source form. What is open-source, it means that the programming for a given program is open and free for all to evaluate and utilize. And if a program isn’t open source, it still may be freeware. Freeware is fully licensed free copies of a given program.

Now as I was saying nearly every program you currently use on your computer is available in a reliable, well-made freeware (and/or open-source) form and I intend to share a few of the best that I use everyday. So stop spending copious amounts of money on these types programs, and start spending it on other things. Or if you HAVE to keep buying programs, still get these and just donate some money to the programmers that have spent there time to give you FREE software.

So if you like Microsoft Office, try OpenOffice:

OpenOffice is a fully functioning office software suite that is complete with a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation maker, graphics/wire diagram maker, and database program. Very fun, easy to use, and every bit as reliable as Microsoft Office.

If you like Adobe Photoshop try Gimp:
Gimp is a photo manipulation, image composition, and image authoring software that is every bit as powerful as its costly counterpart.

Need Security:

Firewall: Comodo Firewall
PC Magazine’s editor choice award and Download.com’s 5 star rating, oh and it’s free. Check out all of the free security programs that they offer.

Antivirus: AVG Free and Avast Free Edition
Both good, good heuristics, and don’t take over your computer.

Anti-spyware: Windows Defender
Microsoft provides something free, well supported, amazing!

So merry belated Christmas, does anyone else have a good free program to share?


Grant said...

Great post! Is open office compatible with its MSFT counterpart?


MJ @ Dyslexic Research said...

It seems to read MS docs better than it can save docs in MS form, but as long as you don't fill it with a bunch of formatting you should be okay. No harm in trying openoffice, it will delete fully if you can't make it do the things that you want to work. It really has some useful features though.ss