Dear Microsoft, Don't screw up Yahoo!

Dear Microsoft,

If your business successfully acquires Yahoo, please do the following. I am a shareholder as well so I have a vested interest.
  1. Don't screw with the content
  2. Yahoo mail is better than Hotmail, Online Outlook, etc. It is the best web based email on the net! Please leave this alone, I know you won't you ruthless mongols, but I know where you guys are. Google Earth has everything on you.
  3. DON'T MESS WITH MY YAHOO. I have everything just perfect in there, you mess with this, I will be forced to use Linux, I mean it!
  4. DON'T MESS WITH YAHOO SPORTS. Again Yahoo is really about the content and their sports department is turning into something special. Have you read the King of the Road by Jason King (formerly of the KC Star), it's awesome. Don't screw that up. Yahoo could eventually replace all of the sports columns in the papers...it will be to our benefit I promise.
  5. KEEP Yahoo Finance. I like it, I especially like The Best of today's Business by Harold Maass, although the guy who writes it is named Peter Weber. Maybe you should change that. The rest of the experts annoy me though, so do what you want with them. Keep the stock screener, get some damn experts on ETF's, and don't screw up the basic Yahoo finance stuff like stock info and what not.
  6. I like OMG for the pictures when I am at work
  7. You have a superior online map program with your Live Search, I am cool with that, but make it work well with Yahoo Yellowpages and Yahoo Local. It would be the greatest combo since PB and J.
  8. Keep Yahoo content heavy, screw with the search engine part of it all you want, although I do Yahoo. It seems to work only remotely as good as Ask.com and on par with Google.
  9. Again with the content, Yahoo could easily become a major media outlet, the Yahoo news writers on here are typically extremely insightful. Especially that sports department, they're awesome
  10. Yahoo movie trailers are better than twin playmates who've had to much too drink and you're the ride home.

Well that's pretty much all I got for now Microsoft. Feel free to write back to me, I will accept software for bribes if you need my approval.


The Dyslexic Underdog, MJ

P.S. High fives and chest bumps for Visio, that program was done right!

P.S.S. It's 1:45 am and I should be sleeping, so sorry Microsoft

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