Question: How to save the American Factory? Answer: Allow the continued devaluation of the dollar.

Well I have officially seen everything. A couple of weeks back I was reading in the local newspaper and found that the Canadian company Bombardier Aerospace was looking to build a new US assembly plant. The reasoning, the weakened dollar and skilled labor in US will allow for competitive building and selling of its newly updated C series plane to the rest of the world. While I do welcome any new factories in the US and in Kansas City, I think it is interesting how the fate of America as a power has turned. Obviously that isn't to say that we are in dire straits here in the US, but that our role in this world is shifting.

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My prediction: Headlines in newspapers (or online) in 2012 across Europe, Brazil, Japan, and/or China reading, “Business Outcry for Government Sanctions Against Cheap US Products.”

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