Rules of the Machine Shop

Rules that you should carry through life, also known as the official rules of the machine shop:
  1. We don't fuck around.
  2. If one is to build one must over build.
  3. If one is to load one must over load.
  4. A good machinist never screws up. A great machinist can fix/repair/hide anything he/she has ever screwed up.
  5. Everytime you build something idiot proof, they build a better idiot.
  6. Sweet talking machines is an acceptable and encouraged action when having troubles.
  7. Hydraulics don't have any feelings.
  8. Sucking is in fact better than blowing.
  9. You got time to sleep, you got time to sweep.
  10. Don't complain about tools you don't own.
Sorry for the cuss word, but I didn't make the rules.

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