Bush's tenure summed up in today's Q&A

President Bush had himself a little speech today about Fannie and Freddie and the Q&A portion was particularly enlightening.

"Q But you do have the Strategic Oil Petroleum Reserve. What about opening that?
THE PRESIDENT: The Strategic Oil Petroleum Reserve is for, you know, emergencies. But that doesn't address the fundamental issue. And we need to address the fundamental issue, which I, frankly, have been talking about since I first became President -- which is a combination of using technology to have alternative sources of energy, but at the same time finding oil and gas here at home. And now is the time to get it done. I heard somebody say, well, it's going to take seven years. Well, if we'd have done it seven years ago we'd be having a different conversation today. I'm not suggesting it would have completely created -- you know, changed the dynamics in the world, but it certainly would have been -- we'd have been using more of our own oil and sending less money overseas. "

I take issue with his seven years ago statement, that is seven years ago he was not looking into fuel alternatives. Seven years ago, he could have demanded for higher mpg standards for cars made today to help combat gas demand. Seven years ago, he could have been chasing Bin Laden and not Iraq for oil. Seven years ago, he could have upheld the Kyoto Treaty as a directive for our nation to shoot for. Seven years ago, he could have encouraged transportation projects like trains that down play our dependance on oil. Seven years ago he could have done a lot more crap that could have significantly affected our dependance and demand on foreign oil instead of some sort of b.s. comment on opening up ANWR to put a drop in the bucket US oil. I can't wait for a new regime right now, I just hope I could get enough write in votes for Ross Perot to make a difference. Or was that Ralph Nader?

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Grant said...

Dude, he's a politician. What do you expect?

Truth is, he didn't HAVE TO push for those initiatives 7 years ago because the price didn't mandate that push.

Evidently, now it does.

Honestly, I don't think any of our hard-working yet do-nothing politicians would have taken up these very causes seven years ago.