Calling all Bloggers!

I am making a request out there to the blog-o-sphere for some filler posts while I am on vacation in the Philippines from July 28th through August 11th. I am really open to just about anything, from personal observations to stock ideas to life with dyslexia to well, anything. If someone were to classify what I have consentrated on so far, I would say industrial stocks, alternative energy, recession-no recession, inflation-no inflation, What's in your Toolbox, engineering and construction advice, and some dyslexic topics.

I am willing in turn to post on your blog (if you would like), add your blog to the blog list, and even research a stock for you if so requested. Feel free to comment here or email me on dyslexicresearch@yahoo.com.

Thanks, the management.

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Mike said...

Hey MJ..

It's hard enough to find something worthwhile to write about on "my own" blog.

Enjoy your trip.. it should be exciting.