Somebody please fix Sears!

Someone please fix Sears / Kmart's financial situation. I 100% don't want to see this company fold. Let me tell you why, support and service.

I recently had a 6-year-old Kenmore washing machine die on me and after speaking with a sales guy at Sears (the guy who should be selling me a new washer), I found that I needed to replace the motor coupler. After searching online through there http://www.managemyhome.com/ website, I found the part I needed, the diagram to pull the thing apart, and the location of the nearest Sears Parts Center. Which I might add was opened on Sunday, and to rest my mind, was told that they would be open for a little bit on Labor Day if I had any problems. Get it, they are supporting the common home owner, I can't believe it. Anyway my next delima was a 15-year-old Craftsman Garage Door Opener. The drive gear sheared off and I thought, hey it's probably time to by a new one. My GF's brother wouldn't have it, he saw what we did to the washer and said he would figure it out. A couple of computer clicks, a drive to the store, and $20 later we had the garage door all fixed.

Couple this with ever so easy to replace Craftsman hand tools, solid prices, and I am convinced this is still America's store. That is if America can remember to use it. I think it has an image problem and not necessarily a product thing. Make all Kmarts into Sears and then try to make the stores not feel so stuffy. So please someone fix Sears so it lasts and lasts as a store around the corner, because I don't know what I am going to need to fix next year around Labor Day.

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