When it all falls down.

You work hard, spend an enormous amount of time working, thinking, designing, caring about the job you do. Then your boss comes in and tells you that the company is consolidating and your job has been eliminated. You like the guy, he likes you, and both of you can't help but feel sorry for each other. Simultaneously you are upset, confused, and finally relieved. Maybe you saw it coming, maybe you thought things would get better, but at least now you know. Out of respect you say, "It's okay, I understand, how long do I have?" He replies 2 weeks, you sit back and let it all settle in. The boss leaves the room, then almost immediately leaves the building. You swallow hard, not sure if you should yell or cry.

I called my GF next and said, "I didn't make it." She said, "It's there fucking loss." I realized it was true, took a deep breath, and headed home.

Jerry, my dad's best friend, used to say, "When you get kicked out of a good seat, you move up not back to a better one!" He was talking about sneaking into good seats at sport games, but it applies in the world of work as well. So my mantra will be that I am going to find a better job, get more money, and prove myself all over again.

Sometimes I think my life is all about proving people wrong, sometimes I get tired, but reality is I have big shoulders. I can carry that load.

Next job, bring it on...


Mike said...

Man MJ.. I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your job. Right after you just went overseas for them too.

I've had a gazillion jobs myself and is one of the reasons why I'm always harping on my blog about living frugally, being debt-free and having a large emergency fund. I hope you have that buffer too.

If it's any consolation to you, I've learned a tremendous amount about my field (and myself) by changing jobs often. It's almost always worked out better for me pay wise.

It's great that you have such good encouragement at home. You have the support of your family and a great girlfriend who gives you moral support. Ain't nothing better than knowing you have someone on your side.

I don't know if you've thought about it yet, but have you considered going back to school for a career change? There's a tremendous amount of opportunity in the healthcare field and the pay is good for most jobs.

Whatever you decide to do I wish you the best. Like Jerry says, these things usually work out better for us in the long run.

Grant said...

That sucks man. Never a good time to get kicked in the nuts...

That said, it's as good a time as ever to polish up that resume... I think I'll throw back a beer and figure out what I've made of myself over the last two years... just in case.