Giving the Gift of Lo-Fi

So I know I just shared my favorite new website in the last post, but as an alternative to all things new-fangled, modern, and complicated, I bring you the extreme Lo-Fi electronic list for Christmas. Some of those famous past electronics are back and cooler than ever, or just still work well. Let's begin!

Be the envy of every office cubicle with this truly lo-fi portable am/fm stereo. It comes with such features as an antenna, a little dial for volume, a little dial for tuning, headphone jack, and a speaker. Truth is that there is no better item for picking up radio signals in the office and this well made blast from the past does its beautifully. Available at all your local RadioShack for only $14.99.

Breaker, Breaker 19. Remember the the glory days of adjusting squelch and messing with truckers in your youth, well you can have it again with a couple of innovative cb radios from Cobra and Midland. The Cobra 75 WXST ($97) is a cool compact cb radio built into the mic. It has a minimal base setup and good reviews. Alternatively the Midland 75-822 Radio ($90) can be setup similar to the Cobra for the in car experience, but also can be transformed and roll out into a slick battery powered portable setup.

Got tapes, records, or even old VCR tapes of the family? Well what is old is new again from a new company called Ion. All those memories that you have been sitting on for years can be uploaded and kept digitally with their long line of products. They even have a Slide to PC product. I could talk to you about it more but just go check it out for yourself at their website:
Happy Shopping!

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