Recycle or Reuse Bags?

My latest work thing involves a plastic bag recycling plant. Now, Grant and I had a discussion about this at a BBQ I had several weeks back and it is funny that it comes up at work. Basically, Grant and I agreed that this whole reusable bag idea isn’t the sunshine, happy day sort of program that it is presented as.

Now I am not against it per say, after all I am a green head, but these cheap a$$ bags they sell for this are well cheap a$$. They don’t hold up, they tear up, so then the user buys more when their bag fails, thus continuing the cycle. Most of those “reusable” bags cannot be recycled. They are made of cheap materials, poorly sown, and the production needed to produce these things vs. plastic can’t be equitable. My point is this, if you are truly into this movement, then go buy those heavy duty LL Bean or Eddie Bauer canvas bags that are big, repairable, and will last. Or simply use those evil plastic bags and recycle them back at the grocery store when you are done, or use them as liners for your bathroom trashcan or your car. That makes sense and isn’t wasteful. Check this website out as well, it may change your mind.

All this being said, you would be amazed at the amount of crap that can be recycled now a days. Take a trip down to your local recycling center (www.recyclespot.org in KC), and blow your mind.


Grant said...

You are the man! I've been looking for good quality grocery totes for two weeks now.

I'm planning on giving my wife a bunch of good canvas bags to replace her cheap $1 knock offs that do nothing but line the manufactures pockets after two trips to the store.

I know, giving grocery bags as a gift ranks right up there with giving your wife a vacuum cleaner for Christmas, but I think it's worth it. And hopefully my days of picking cans of green beans up off the garage floor will be over.

See, I'm giving the gift I've always wanted! :)

Along those same lines, do you think giving a Swiffer wet-jet as a gift is tacky?

MJ @ Dyslexic Research said...

"Along those same lines, do you think giving a Swiffer wet-jet as a gift is tacky?"


Grant said...

Lucky I still have the receipt.