The Beater!?!

Due to certain circumstances involving a hill, ice on said hill, and a car wreck at the bottom of the hill, my family has to find a new used car. Luckily, we still have our newer, reliable, albeit “nice” vehicle intact but still need another vehicle to use. Furthermore, we don't want to spend very much money on the car either.

Thus we have entered the beater-zone. That's right, find the best car you can for under $2K and just deal with it for awhile. I used to play sports with a guy known for his beater-savvy ways. Jeep CJ's, Chevy Astro's, Dodge Spirits, and the what not. He could find that needle in the haystack, diamond in the rough, and make it last and last. It was amazing. My own father found a high-mileage German maker coupe for $2K and has since put another 50,000 miles on the car. Some people have the “knack”.

So here I find myself deep in the beater-zone. Not one to shy away from finding the best deal for a given price, I have found three current potential candidates. I would truly enjoy some of your opinions on these vehicle and any advice or experience with any brands or makes that may help sway our decision.

Bachelor #1:
1989 Dodge Dynasty $1200 – 56,000 miles on odo

Seems nice enough, currently at a car lot in a questionable part of town, and not much info on the web page. Pictures make the vehicle look like it is in good shape, interior is clean, and V6 engine. Right now seems to be the top runner.

Bachelor #2:
1991 Ford Ranger $1650 – 83,500 miles on odo

Reliable year for Ford four cylinder engines. Truck seems in great shape both interior and exterior, seems like the guy took care of the truck well, nice wheels, paint's in good shape, and may even be mistaken as not a beater. The greatest plus for this is that it is a truck, which is always useful. Again, it is a 4 cyl so it has to get good gas mileage. Looks pretty good to me.

Bachelor #3:
Everybody else

So I lied I have more than three, there is in fact several others that are out there but not really convincing me one way or another.
They are:

95 Lumina

78 Chevette

94 Spirit

I am no dummy, anything I am looking at I will drive, check out under the hood, and basically kick the tires. For now this is what I have narrowed down internet-wise. Let me here your thoughts.

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Grant said...

Go for the pickup truck. You won't regret it.

And given the year, you won't have a problem working on it yourself.

I still dig my 98 F150 that I initially bought for my "beater", but since then I've made it my daily driver.

You'll love the utility with the truck, and your closest friends will appreciate it too... or at least knowing you when it comes time to move!