I'm voting for Obama...

Just to let people know, I'm voting for Obama. Although I live in Kansas and my actual (electorial vote) is going to McCain. I really, really wanted to like McCain, but he is just not the same person he was in 2000. That's just too bad, I am pretty sure the 2000 McCain would kick the 2008 McCain's ass.

I don't care who people vote for either, please just go vote.


Grant said...

That's it? THAT's why you're voting for Obama? Come on MJ, you can do better than that.

I'm not saying you should vote one way or another, but just because McCain 08 is not the same person as McCain 00, you're voting for Obama?

MJ @ Dyslexic Research said...

I really didn't want to be overly political, but I am voting for him for a few reasons. The one main one is that I think new blood is needed in the office and I hope Obama follows through with the tax cuts on the middle class, because well I am middle class.

I don't really trust either candidate actually, as House says everybody lies. I think I really do want change, that may just be good enough.

I thought about this the other night, the only way we are going recover economically is if the economy bottoms out or if the government actually figures out a way to help people keep houses. I don't think McCain would do anything about the economy failing, I think Obama would try. I don't know why.

Mike said...

Good for you MJ!

I live in AZ and McCain was never the person he was. ;-)

All kidding aside, in all of the years he's been elected in Arizona, I can't remember even one thing that McCain has done for our State.

One would think that if he was running for office that McCain would be espousing all of the things he has done for us Arizonans (and Americans), but.. not a word.

Whenever I see his face, the only thing that comes to into my mind is "Keating".

I'm voting for Obama because I believe what he has to say.

I always believed that he came into this campaign with a planned purpose, and he hasn't wavered from his initial goals. Number one being: We need to get out of Iraq!

I believe that McCain never really had a philosophical goal except for the goal of just "wanting" to be President; for himself, not for the people.

Although thinks he's making points with this average American "Joe the Plumber" routine, I know that he really works for corporate America, and will actually continue to support their interests at the expense of middle America.

I don't believe a word that comes out of McCain's mouth. I'd like to think that I represent middle America, and the most important thing middle American wants right now is to "believe" what they're being told.

So, I'm voting my conscience, and "hope" that Obama will keep his promises and change America for the better.

Grant said...

OK, MJ, I can respect that opinion.

Remember though, that it was the government that figured out a way to get more people INTO houses in the first place. And you can't blame that all on Bush either. It all started with Bill Clinton pressuring Fanny and Freddie into underwriting loans for people who couldn't afford them. He then passed the buck to Bush, who inherited what was then a great deal: everyone's buying. The republican congress sat through the good times, the democratic congress sat through the good times up until this year. Then the bottom falls out and all anyone can say is that it's Bush's fault.

So keep that in mind. Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

I agree with your House quote, and I'd be up for writing him in if he were an American citizen.

At this point I'd be happy with a government that doesn't "try" to do anything about the economy. Let the free market work and we'll be out of this mess a whole lot faster than if the goons in Washington keep throwing money at it.

Let's face it, it's just another trillion dollars we're burning through in an effort to "fix" the situation.

MJ @ Dyslexic Research said...

Grant, Agreed about your comments on the Clinton and Bush administrations.

I hope you don't less of me for my decision, but this year it is Obama. I have certain beliefs though that don't necessarily ally myself to either party.

They include:
* Keeping the gov't out of my paycheck - either candidate I think would be forced to do so.
* Healthcare reform - mostly due to my brother, sister-in-law, and GF's experiences with the system. I think everyone should be able to get coverage and doctors should not be sued over frivolous lawsuits.
* Environmental legislation and the green movement - I hug a tree every time I can (and have the poison oak rashes to prove it) and I think we are idiots if we don't find ways to use the sun and wind to power our lives.
* Immigration reform - This is were I differ from most of America, but immigrants, illegal or otherwise, do deserve some rights and a better chance of assimilation to this country. I have seen how these people have been used, abused, and deported by big business in the worst of ways and I do not want these people or any people for that matter be exploited.
* Using our gov't for good - New Orleans is still in ruins, south-eastern Texas is in ruins, poor people starve, and people need help here in the US and our government worries about if the gay and lesbians deserve a right to marry. When did our nation become a group of paranoids and elitists?

Those are my political views really; you have known most of them for awhile. I don't really trust anyone in congress. Mayor Funk in KCMO I thought was a good man, but even he can't get anything done over there due to his own stubborn cabinet appointment. Politics is a crazy thing. Maybe with a collapse of the economy will mean that political funding will go down for corrupt candidates and good people can finally get a chance to lead again.

Grant said...

"Maybe with a collapse of the economy will mean that political funding will go down for corrupt candidates and good people can finally get a chance to lead again."

Here's to that!