Cat and Girl and my feelings of dread...

I tried to come up with a catchy title to this one but it didn't work out. From time to time I link to various comics on my blog and tell you to check them out (Kate Beacon History Comics come to mind - still awesome). Well Cat and Girl is another of my all time favorites and the past weak has had cartoons that actually pict-i-fy (yeah I just made that up) how I feel about things.

Specifically this week, a terrible feeling of dread over the economy rubbed over me. Harley-Davidson reported that it would eliminate 1,100 jobs (out of 9,000 in the company), which surprised me, and Microsoft basically announced similar measures. Then the kicker was the unemployment numbers for November, 554,000 people, whoa. Needless to say, Cat and Girl put things into perspective, or at least how I interpreted it (Click the link to go see the original). I think this correction is forcing the public to stop living this credit lifestyle we all have lived since the '80's and move us all back to the mentality of the '50's and before. Where you bought things you had the money for and the only items you borrowed money for was homes and cars (if that).

The Cat and Girl comic that followed the one above was pretty interesting as well. To me it represented the mentality, at least in the first four panels, of the common American. The end has a good punchline as well. I love good inner dialogue and contradictive thoughts, considering that is what I suffer from continuously. I mean I am the Honda loving blog writer saying please save Detroit after all.

Anyway, click through Cat and Girl sometime when you get the chance. It is truly terrific writing and thoughtful perspectives on what we call life. Also, I love whenever the Cat is dressed for sports.

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Mike said...

Specifically this week, a terrible feeling of dread over the economy rubbed over me.

I get the same feelings myself.

The emotional portion of my brain keeps telling me it's just going to keep getting worse and that our financial system as we know is doomed.

But, the logical portion of my brain keeps telling me to ignore my emotions and to take advantage of the situation as it presents itself.

I'm not sure which side is winning the battle up there. I sure hope the logical portion of my brain prevails.