My own private market update

Well after I lost roughly 46% of what I had put away in my Roth IRA I have been slowly climbing instead of digging with a portfolio shuffle that I think will work for both the short term and long term. I am now firmly only at a 26% lost. That means I have raised my funds roughly 20% from there worst point in the past 2.5 months. How did I do it, mostly buying two stocks that are a couple of the only companies that will do well in this economy Kroger (KR) and Walmart (WMT). Not to mention timely purchases of Baldor (BEZ), Philips Morris International (PM) and Vanguard Total Market Etf (VTI). I am buy no means a savvy investor again (was I ever) but I resolved late last year to make conservative long term purchases in the market. Also, I am going to go forward with an investing strategy which I will explain someday in a later post but the biggest impact is going to be anchoring ETF's like VTI and smaller investments for long term stocks using principals that I have laid out over the past year in this blog.

I haven't even begun adding to my 2008 Roth yet, so a big plop of money is going to get infused soon into my future funds and a close scrutiny of the market will litter my posts once again.

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options said...

after watching wmt collapse yesterday I shorted KR margins small debt 8billion losing eps (very heavy) nothing attractive in this industry anymore a p/e of about 5-6 is what kroger deserves judging by competitors and strength

at 1.80-1.90 projected for the year this is a $12 stock