New Year's Resolutions for 2009

First let's visit last years:
  1. Buy a house for the misses and me. (Check, March 2008)
  2. Setup a truly easier lifestyle at said home. (Check-ish, I wish my house was more organized)
  3. Max out Roth IRA for 2007 (til April). (Check, March 2008)
  4. Begin a true side business. (Uh not unless you count all of the stuff we sold on Ebay or in our 3 garage sells, I think this will become a 2010 goal)
  5. Go on an extended vacation. (Check, August-September 2008 to the Philippines)

So 4-ish out of 5 ain't bad.

Bring on '09:

  1. Pay off Honda Loan.
  2. Max out Roth IRA for 2008 (til April).
  3. Renogotiate mortgage for better rate, hopefully.
  4. Concentrate on new job.
  5. Create a better blog page.
  6. Get one car IN the garage.
  7. Lose 20lbs.
  8. (World Peace)

Wish me luck...

1 comment:

Grant said...

Screw the rest of that stuff.

If you can't figure out world peace by the end of 2009, I'm removing you from my blogroll.