How to Become a Financial Expert...

Step One: Create a blog.

Step Two: Create content, typically cover crap any investor already knows or something popular spewd out by whatever current financial or investing expert that everyone knows. Topics like "Save 25% of Your Income" and "How to Start a Roth IRA" are good starters (if your new go ahead use these topics, I don't mind). Keep those things like thoughts and ideas of your own at bay, don't want to go ruining your content.

Step Three: Add stupid clip art.

Step Four: Answer comments by the finacially inept.

Bam, instant success. In no time you should be well on your way to financial superiorism.
(Maybe that is why I only have two viewers, thanks Grant and Mike ahead of time)


MJ @ Dyslexic Research said...

Yes I am making fun of myself as well here, so don't worry...

tom brakke said...

Well, I guess you have more than two.

Hopefully the research puzzle provides a refreshing break from the approach you described.

Grant said...

I never can figure out why so many blogs that regurgitate "news" without adding anything fresh have so many readers.

How many blogs are out there that do nothing but post where the best credit card balance transfer rates are, and they have thousands of readers every day.... incredible.

In my opinion you have to post something original, even if no one agrees with your opinions.

Keep on blogging, MJ, I'm readin'.