A Liter For The Fallen...

One of my favorite bloggers, Mr. Mike Guzzo of Guzzo the Contrarian fame has closed his site down for good after a few months of conflicting thoughts on continuing. This stinks from my opinion, but I was able to convince him that whenever he feels the need to share again with the world, he can do so whenever he wants here at Dyslexic Research. I truly respected his work, and he even influenced my own investment strategy toward more stable 'Bogle' style, low fee, diversified investing. His website will be missed, but hopefully he won't be as I am planning on giving him the ability to write what he likes when he is ready again.

So another one doesn't quite bite the dust and I will drink a liter to that (it's a Filipino beer thing).

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Mike said...

Thanks for the kind words MJ, and the invite.

Filipino beer? I'm a Bud Light man myself. ;-)

Speaking of The Vanguard Group -

I found an interesting link for Vanguard investors over at the Bogleheads Forum today.