It's All About Patience

There's an old Dutch saying: “A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains.”

After three months of searching and waiting for "the right" job, I've finally found the ideal position that I was looking for. With a pharmacist shortage nationwide, it used to be easy to pick and choose what I wanted to do. But now that we're in a recession, finding that "ideal" job isn't so easy. Yeah.. I know. Boo Hoo.

In order to demonstrate just how difficult it is finding a "good" job nowadays, I thought it might help others if I videotaped my most recent job interviews so you could see for yourselves.

To begin with, I wasn't offered the first job for which I interviewed. The HR person interviewing me with must have missed his morning coffee. It was all over within the first minute after he found out my GPA in college. Hit me with a brick, why dontcha.

So, I shook it off, reworked my resume a little, and set forth on my second job interview. This one seemed to go a little better. I thought that I convinced them that I was the best man for the job. The interviewer seemed interested in hiring me, but decided it would be best to consult with his superior first. Once his boss came into the room though, it was all over and I was shown the door. Tough crowd.

I realized that I must be doing something wrong, so I decided to ask a colleague if I needed to rework my interviewing methods. I took his advice to heart, changed my entire approach, and set off on my third job interview.

Not only is patience worth more than a bushel of brains, but sometimes it's nice having more luck than brains.

I'm not exactly sure what happened. Maybe it was my new haircut, the way I dressed, or maybe even the way I carried myself, but this interview went far better than I could have expected. This employer hired me on the spot and gave me everything that I wanted. I was so happy that I spent the whole night celebrating with my beautiful wife.

Now, let's see if having patience will work out with my investments.


Grant said...

Awesome. It's a good feeling when the right company comes calling with the right job and a good offer.

So many people don't realize that there is an "art" to an interview, more so now than ever.

It's a double edged sword though, and I can't help but think of how many brilliant minds have been turned away at my company just because of a poor performance during a grilling session behind closed doors...


Atlas@mymoneyshrugged said...

Nice congrats! Good luck with the new job

Guzzo said...

Thanks for the nice words yooze guys, but IMO, it all comes down to plain luck or serendipity. Heck, even Einstein had a hard time finding a job.

This new job isn't the highest paying job that I could find, but that wasn't a priority for me. I could have taken the highest paying job three months ago, but I knew that I wouldn't last long in that work environment, so I turned it down.

This new job is one that best suits my personality and lifestyle, and I could see me staying here for years.

Unless I get laid off or fired, I'm not leaving. This is the best opportunity that I'll ever get and if I finish my career here I'll retire as a millionaire.. with a pension.

MJ @ Dyslexic Research said...

I just clicked through all of the movies, and it made everything even funnier. Especially 0.2 GPA...

A millionaire huh, oh they must have mentioned you retirement plan:


They will provide the bittersweet chocolate.

Guzzo said...

MJ.. I only say that I'll retire as a millionaire because I save about 80-90% of what I make.