In Search of a Deal - Step 1: Grow a Pair

So last thursday I get a call from my old college roommate, not Grant but my other roomy.  He had tickets to NCAA first round tournament of games in KC.  So I called up my pops and off we went to the Power and Light District by the Sprint Center.  A good time was had by all, including such great quotes as:

"There is no one in OU's band that could even play the cow bell in the Morgan State Band!"
"Air ball, Air ball, Air ball"<-directed at Blake Griffin after missing a free throw
"Mr. D, you are going to let your son use that OU rally towel?" and the reply "He said he needed a rag for wiping his feet and changing oil"
"Well should we play Boomer Sooner again?" <- in response to Morgan State's band director taunting OU's band.

Needless to say Morgan State has one heck of a pep band.  Elsewhere, I was trying to teach my old roommate a lesson in economics.  See he bought the first round ticket set before the seeding occurred and paid out the nose for them.  A couple of people backed out and he was stuck with the tickets.  My dad and I helped with a couple of tickets, but who knows how bad he loss with the rest of the sessions.

Regardless, I am a firm believer in ticket scalping.  Put on your school affiliation gear and walk out to the stadium.  Every time I have ever gone to a Big 12 tourney or first round session, I have paid no more than a $30 ticket to get in.  Usually paying $10-$20.  Why you say?  Because when I was young a good friend of my pappy taught me the art of buying tickets.  There are more stories than advice here but the basics are don't be a wuss and grow a pair.  For those who are unable to do this, bring a friend that has.

The biggest part of getting a good deal on anything is having the guts to try.  Everyone from that guy who yells at you on TV to Trump has opinions on how to do it, but I always thought it was best to try anyway you can and after a few tries and some good awareness you should be well on your way.

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Grant said...

There's only one thing you can say about a guy who wipes his feet with an OU rally towel.

He doesn't take very good care of his feet.