The Beater part 2: More needles in a haystack...

Three more possibilities:

1990 Plymouth Laser (Eclipse clone) $750 - 55k on odo

Cheap, low, low miles, clean interior, light usage, has a head gasket issue...and cheap!

1997 Kia Sephis $700 - 96k on odo

Cheap, needs a new radiator (easy fix), fairly low miles, but it's a early Kia.

1998 Mitsubishi Mirage $1960 - 91K on odo

Good price, modern, automatic, 4 dr, safe vehicle, very clean interior, right now my absolute favorite choice for vehicle. I am trying to get in touch with the owner now.

1994 Olds 88 LSS $1999 - 126k

Great GM V6 (my family has had great luck with this 3800 engine in several cars), car is in good shape, plush old people ride, wish it were cheaper for that mileage though...

Still looking for more...wish me luck

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Grant said...

Good luck, MJ.

I still say find yourself a good old pickup truck.