The best maps on the internet!

It's not Google, Yahoo!, or Mapquest (although all are handy), it's actually a Microsoft product. There I said it, don't shoot. Microsoft provides a great one at http://maps.live.com/

Try it out, I like to search all things via the internet and this one is great for looking for homes. My family is trying to find a new home to shack up in and this one allows you to see the property from the four different cardinal directions. Simply type in the address that you want to look at and then select the Bird's Eye View from the options, it is amazing. Don't forget to zoom in to see things more closely.

This has even helped me with my job as a manufacturing engineer as well. We were having our yearly checks on our rooftop HVAC units and having trouble discussing the location of the faulty machines with the contractors. The contractors and I fired up Live Maps and just looked at the Bird's Eye image that we needed and eveyone could communicate better. Truly a useful tool.

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Grant said...

Isn't that cool!?

If you look at my house, you can see my two cars sitting inside my open garage...

Lucky for me you can't zoom in far enough to read the license plates... yet.