In other news: Work Related Education / Certification

I know there are tens and tens of readers out there wondering why it has been a little bit since the last posting and that is due to some of my work related stretch goals. Specifically I have been doing Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training. At the end I will be an officially certified yellow belt. It is low tiered compared to the green belt and black belt certification, but it is a start.

I won't go into the training in this post but talk more about my goals as an engineer. As an engineer, most people want to know what goals do you have to move up in a company, my goals deal with moving anywhere with any company. You see I am concentrating my efforts to make myself into an all around manufacturing/plant/process/project engineer. I hope that I never am pigeon holed into a certain industry or type of position. I still want to move up in the totem pole, but first I want to know the skills that it takes to become more well rounded so that I could apply for pretty much any industrial background. I have been working as an engineer in some capacity for 6 years now and in a manufacturing/machine shop capacity for around 10 years. In that time I have worked as a engineering intern, process engineer, and project engineer in the automotive industry, motorcycle industry, hydraulic industry, and chemical industry. I have significant experience in metal fabrication, machining, production assembly, hydraulics, HVAC systems, and chemical production. It is pretty wide ranging, but I want experience with more.

So every year I lay out a plan for what else I want to do, and with my current company I can get some certifications that I have always wanted. I feel this is something everyone should do. So for this year, MJ will become a yellow belt in lean six sigma, take classes for Allen Bradley PLC programming and troubleshooting, take management styles, and refer to himself in the third person. All should make it that much more possible for me to pick and choose where my next job may be. This should be a good year.

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