The big win and the big loss...

Well just a couple of weeks ago I recommended Rockwell Automation (around $54 per share at the time) and it has subsequently tanked to a level today of $43. That sucks and I was wrong, Rockwell (ROK) committed a bad no-no and dropped 2008 expected earnings. Well it's really not a no-no as much as seeing the truth hurts. That was a mistake and I will strive not to do so again.

Herman Miller (MLHR) however has just reported profits up roughly $.71 a share for its 4Q and seen a big boost in a day of bad losses (+ ~$1.50 per share). Since mid-April it is now up nearly $3 a share. That makes me happy, I am curious as far as what to do with this stock. Their furniture is for rich people and big business so they could be insulated from the market some, but I just don't see how they will keep growing in profits in this environment. I may get out and take profits.

Baldor (BEZ) is still one of my favorite companies, they simply make stuff that is needed no matter what the market is doing. It was a classic Buffett style stock, essentially undervalued, and can make a profit in a variety of climates. Today however it has fallen significantly (roughly $3 a share) and I don't know why. No real news out there other than its peers not doing so well (see ROK). However since I recommended it on 4/29 @ $32.40 (I bought it for $27.50 a week prior) it has jumped up $3.50 a share ($6.50 a share yesterday). Honestly it has been flying and needed a pull back. I still think it is a good stock, and will continue to do well and it may be a good time to pick it up at the recent pull back, although I will wait it out for a while.

Otherwise, the market looks bad right now. Unless I find another Baldor like company I am sticking to purchasing my three ETFs (PBD, PXE, PWV) on their low days. Someone please tell me what to do with FTO. (Nevermind sold off FTO 6/27)

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