Storms in the city...

Last night in Kansas City was some rather inclimate weather, and being that the new house has a garage filled with crap, I drove down to the Country Club Plaza to protect the car. After parking the car in the garage, I walked over the the Mickie D's and proceeded to watch all of the upper crust of Kansas City handle the storms. While enjoying the double cheeseburger (hey its $0.99), some unique observations were made.
  • Running has the most obsessive group of people, all over town I saw huge lightening bolts and nickel-sized hail. Meanwhile some runner is cruising with no jacket along a roaring Brush Creek, or dragging their dog through the puddles of the Plaza. I feel extremely sorry for the dogs.
  • Ladies, blouses are not the best thing to wear on a stormy day, but I thank you none the less.
  • Your teenagers are out driving around in this crap, buying clothes, and generally spending your money. Hope you don't mind hail damage on your Lexus while your daughter is shopping in a lightening storm.
  • When coming in from the rain it is appropriate to state the obvious. Comments like, "Man, I'm drenched!", "That's a lot of rain!", or "Boy it's coming down!" is fine but it must always be proceeded by a Ric Flair "WHOAO!" For Example, "WHOAO, it's raining cats and dogs out there!" If you are by yourself then at least "WHOAO!" has to be said, it's the law.
  • I am officially an adult, Urban Outfitters has nothing for me.
  • When heavy rains are coming down its best to run as fast as you can in it, because maybe you can out run it. Looking both ways to cross the street is optional.

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Grant said...

Ric Flair... now there's a name I haven't heard in a while!

Great post, MJ... lotsa truth to this one... gotta love the plaza though!