Thoughts for the week: 6/29-7/4

A few links and thoughts for the week:

Remember my post a few days ago about "Recession with High Inflation", well apparently Buffett agrees and is telling it to Bernanke. And here is a quote from it that scares the crap out of me:

...the Fed remains skeptical that high commodity prices will ripple through the economy, leading to broad price hikes and big wage increases.

"The committee expects inflation to moderate later this year and next year," the Federal Open Market Committee said in holding the fed funds rate steady at 2%, though it did note that "uncertainty" remains high and suggested inflation concerns could rise.

Determined to find some good values in the market (and keep the mind sharp), I did some good old "Magic Formula" stock screening this weekend and noticed some sectors with good stock values, at least according to the screen. They are:

Airline equipment manufacturers: LMT, NOC, RTN, GD, BA
Electronic circuit equipment manufacturers: VSEA, KLAC
Furniture manufacturers: MLHR, KNL

I am currently doing research on each and may do updates this week on each identified sector and its stocks. Most of these companies are name brands for their business sector and probably have some good long term upside. I guess I will see when I go through them.

Some other good looking stocks on the screen that came up is Garmin (GRMN) which I think I may cover, and one of Mike's (w/Rational Speculation) recently covered stocks Pfizer (PFE). I like Mike's thoughts on the company, but have recently seen PFE mentioned everywhere as a value stock potential. That can be a good or bad thing.

More thorough stuff later this week...

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Mike said...

Hmmm.. Bernanke meeting with Buffett. That's unusual. Maybe Bernanke's looking for a bailout. ;-)