More BEZ: Cramer catching up...

Well I was looking into buying more BEZ today (I didn't, I think it may go a little lower again), and noticed that about a week ago Baldor's was Cramer's pick. Frankly, I am flattered. Now I am going to get away from talking about Baldor for a while, but I do think that it is funny that he recommended the stock after a run from 25.68 (April 14th) to 36.46 (April 17th). It is only a dollar down from his recommendation day, but at the time I saw the run occuring and thought a correction was coming. Regardless, it's fun to be ahead of the curb for once. Even if I think Cramer is a little bit of a tool, I do think he is funny to watch (if you ever saw theknot.com episode where the bull proposed you know what I am talking about) and fairly informative for the masses.

Anyways his thoughts:

here and here

Have a nice weekend, it is going to be beautiful in KC. (Anyone notice I use a lot of parentheses?)

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