A question I hear quite a bit now a days is how my generation's work force (I am just shy of 30) has no company loyalty. Well here is why:

Everyday I have seen the 20-30 year veterans of the various famous US companies given plaques for their service, and soon after, shown the door. Along with them priceless knowledge of the company that you may never have available again. My generation has seen their fathers and mothers booted after years of hard work and modest increases in pay. How many of you have been a part of major moves to a new town in your childhood only to see your parents let go by that company 6 months later. When I saw that as a child, I thought, "what is the benefit?" It didn't improve them. Now that I am older, I see that the business system is a pyramid, lots of jobs at the bottom and fewer and fewer at the top. As you progress through a company it is only logical that you may have less and less likely a chance to continue with the company.

Lay-offs suck and seeing people get tossed out really makes you wonder about who you work for. Reality is that my generation will continue to look, if they are smart, every 3-5 years. I know of 3 examples of people I know that switched companies, increased pay by 20% and like their new job better. I am not saying that I condone it (I say stay long enough to keep the company matched retirement benefits and then start looking), but I definitely understand it.

To all the "early" retirees out there, good luck, it may be a difficult road ahead for you. My dad found some luck working in small towns after years in HR in the city and my mom went into work for herself, maybe that helps.

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Anonymous said...

A question I hear quite a bit now a days is how my generation's work force (I am just shy of 30) has no company loyalty.

Pay no attention to these idiots.

Just like everyone else, corporations will do whatever is in their best interests, no matter how it affects anyone else. I see no reason why the workforce shouldn't think the same.

This is why I always advocate being debt-free, saving, investing, and living below your means.

Doing so empowers each of us to have choices when it comes to work. Do your best at work, but have the ability to walk away if there is something you just can't tolerate.

OTOH, there are still a few companies out there who truly value their employees. But, they are becoming few and far between.