ROK looks cheap...

Market had a big fall on Friday and one huge loser was Rockwell Automation (-$3.02 per share). I spoke about them before when I revealed how I found Baldor, and I liked them then and still like them now. ROK stock value has been faultering ever since they missed analysts predicted earnings last quarter. Here is what baffles me the market reacted to analyst's predictions not the company's. If you review their last call you will quickly find out that there was siginificant revenue growth not only in every business category, but in every geographical location as well. Not many companies can say that and yet it has loss over $12 per share since the beginning of the year.

Take a quick look at the charts and it has been nearly three years since this stock has been this low and it is a better company now than it was then. Again the things I like are the good ROA, strong growth, ~2% dividend, extremely robust and strong product (Allen-Bradley Controls), and their firm commitment to the growth of that product by intelligent acquisitions. I should talk about the A-B product a little more, although I did cover it thoroughly before. It is a great product in the current economic climate, the controls are modular and are considered the best in the business. The controls are prodominately used in PLC applications in all sorts of industries from factories to oil rigs to building temperature controls. The whole world is modernizing these industries right now and the modular setup of A-B controls allows both new and old equipment to talk and work more efficiently.

Final thought, I'm buying tomorrow!

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